Cleaning foam Hydrop CLEAN

Dry cleaning foam for sneakers and classic shoes

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How to use it
  1. Extrude the foam on the surface to be cleaned
  2. Thoroughly grind with the sponge
  3. Test at an inconspicuous area
  4. Wipe off with a cloth or rinse well with water


One package of HYDROP Clean is enough for ~ 100 applications, this will last for a long time!


100 applications
  1. Designed for cleaning complex contaminants and regular cleaning of cloth, leather, rubber Dense foam removes even stale dirt Does not require the use of water
  2. Safe for bright and colored shoes, compatible with all types of leather, cotton and synthetics

    Composition: nonionic surfactants, cationic surfactants, thickeners, water. Volume: 200 ml.
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Hydrop Clean is a composition that forms thick foam and removes stubborn dirt during treatment. Hydrop Clean can be used as a dry and wet cleaning, depending on the type of fabric. In the first case, the product is applied to the surface to be cleaned, rubbed into the supplied brush, left for a few minutes, and then wiped dry. For wet cleaning after application and grinding, the surface is thoroughly washed with water. If necessary, cleaning can be repeated.

Hydrop Clean is the answer to the question "how to remove a fat stain from a nylon jacket". In addition to nylon, this product allows you to clean fur, suede, linen, cotton, jeans, silk and other fabrics and materials. Before use on colored fabrics, it is recommended to check the effect of the product on inconspicuous areas. If the product is colored with unstable dyes and sheds, then it also wipes with the use of dry or wet cleaning Hydrop Clean.

Before using other products from the Hydrop line, we recommend cleaning the clothes or shoes with Hydrop Clean. Before applying hydrophobic spray Hydrop Textile, it is very important to clean the surface not only of dirt, but also of the remnants of the Hydrop Clean itself.