Liquide iron Hydrop FRESH

Liquid iron and deodorant for shoes and clothes with a disinfectant effect

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How to use it
  1. Shake the can and spray evenly on clothes to make it slightly damp
  2. Place your clothes on a level surface or on yourself and smooth the folds with your hands or the edge of the can
  3. When used as a deodorant for shoes, spray HYDROP FRESH onto the inside of the shoe and wait for it to dry.


One bottle of HYDROP Fresh is enough for treat 10 shirts entirely, or for about 100 applications.


100 applications
  1. Deodorant conditioner Hydrop Fresh give freshness to clothes, disinfect and eliminate wrinkles.
  2. The product has deodorizing, antistatic, antibacterial and smoothing properties. Destroys sources of odors of organic origin, such as the smell of cigarettes, sweat and other substances
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Hydrop Fresh - "liquid iron" or a spray for clothes against odor and wrinkles.

Hydrop Fresh allows you to smooth the folds on the fabric without using a classic iron and give the shoes and clothes freshness. The product has disinfectant properties, which eliminates unpleasant odors. Please note that Hydrop Fresh is not a full replacement for washing.

The best effect is achieved by using the product on fabrics entirely from natural fibers or from natural fibers with the addition of synthetic fibers. When using the product on fully synthetic tissues, the effect of wrinkle removal can be less pronounced

Before using Hydrop Fresh for the first time on a piece of clothing, make sure that the product does not cause a change in the color of the thing in an inconspicuous area.

To use Hydrop Fresh as a deodorant for clothes, you simply apply the product on the fabric and wait until it dries. Hydrop Fresh will also be the answer to the question "How to get rid of the smell in shoes?". To do this, apply the product to the inside of the shoe and wait until it dries completely.

Hydrop Fresh will help your clothes and footwear stay fresh longer, between launderings.