Refreshing sparay Hydrop PHANTOM

Invisible Reflective Spray for Clothes and Shoes

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How to use it
  1. Shake the bottle a few times before use
  2. Spray onto an inconspicuous surface area
  3. Wait until drying
  4. Check the effect with a flash photo
  1. Reflective spray, invisible on clothes during the day, reflects the light of headlights and flashlights at night.
  2. Created to handle clothing and footwear in order to increase road safety for pedestrians, cyclists, children and pets. It is also used to give individuality to a backpack, jacket, sneakers, etc.

    The composition is stable and does not wear off when it gets in the rain; however, it is easily removed with ordinary washing with powder or soap. Without washing, the duration of the effect persists for 2-3 weeks with a gradual decrease in the reflective force.
Video of Phantom

Hydrop Phantom is a light-reflecting spray that allows you to give reflective properties to ordinary things.

Reflective spray for clothes will be useful for cyclists and pedestrians in order to become more visible in the headlights of cars. First of all, the composition should be applied to the outer clothing of children and adolescents to ensure their safety at dusk. The composition can be applied directly to the coat of pets, which also makes them easily discernible in the evening walks.

In addition to safety, Hydrop Phantom can be used to create interesting images and effects for parties. To create clear drawings on clothes, you need to use a stencil. Before use, the bottle should be shaken vigorously for 25-30 seconds to ensure that the composition is evenly mixed. Before applying the stencil, it is also recommended that the product be sprayed several times in the air. Only after this it is necessary to proceed to the application through the stencil.

Reflective spray for clothes can be bought as a gift to friends who have children, pets or to organize light parties.

The reflective effect persists for about 2-3 weeks. At the same time, the reflectivity of the treated surface gradually decreases. For complete removal of the product from the processed thing, it should be washed with an ordinary detergent.