Hydrofobic spray Hydrop TEXTILE

Hydrofobic spray Hydrop TEXTILE Creates a hydrophobic coating on clothes and shoes. For suede, textiles and nubuck.

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How to use it
  1. Clean the surface
  2. Spray the product
  3. Wait for 24 hours
  4. For better results, please read the instruction
  1. Gained the trust of thousands of customers, HYDROP in a classic tank of 250ml

    One cylinder is enough to handle 7-10 pairs of shoes or 2-3 square meters of textile surface
  2. Protects clothing and shoes from moisture and liquid contaminants.

    Suitable for suede, natural textile and nubuck products.
Video of Textile

Hydrop Textile is a water repellent spray for clothes and shoes. After treatment with this product, the surface acquires superhydrophobic (water repellent) properties, as well as a self-cleaning property.

Such an effect is achieved by forming a nanorelief on the surface treated, which prevents wetting, and also does not form chemical bonds with dust and dirt, so that they are washed off with water without using additional cleaning agents. Hydrophobic coating does not affect the color of the fabric, its air permeability and other properties except hydrophobicity. Thanks to this feature, you can easily get "breathable" and waterproof shoes.

The hydrophobic layer can lose its properties earlier if it is subjected to strong mechanical influences or machine wash. With a decrease in water-repellent properties, shoes and clothes can simply be re-processed.

Before treatment, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned, since the presence of impurities reduces the hydrophobic effect. For this, you can use Hydrop Clean as well as other cleaning agents. It is important to remove not only impurities, but also the remnants of the cleanser itself from the being treated surface.